Body Image and Reality

Following on from my infamous ‘Social Media is B*******’ RANT.. I came across this little GEM!


Jen Smith is a Crossfit Games Athlete with an insane amount of talent… and deservingly, social media followers.

When I see bodies like hers on Instagram, doing the daily stalk, I think, (and if your anything like me), a small part of me dies a bit inside.

“She looks incredible.

I wish I could look half as good as her.

She’s so talented.

I will never get to that point.. “

The usual Tennis match that goes on in our heads, we are truly our biggest critics.

But what if you saw this picture…


What if someone, for once, was actually honest about their physique and nutrition and didn’t use a filter and edit the s*** out of their picture before posting it to social media?

Would you feel better about yourself?

I know I did after seeing and reading this article, because this is REAL!

Nobody spends 365 days a year walking around looking airbrushed with chiselled abs. In fact the closest i’ve been to this is 24 hour’s before a Photoshoot or Bodybuilding show where i’ve been starved of all water and any food that does not resemble cardboard and I can tell you now, that is no life.


Another example, Dr. Spencer Nadolsky posted this picture to demonstrate how easy it is to look COMPLETELY different within a matter of DAYS!


Change your lighting, tan and posture and you appear to have an entirely different physique.

I LOVE when athletes like this will post pictures like this, I MASSIVELY admire them. They can be one of the best Athletes in the business and STILL very real.

Sadly though however, there are the other ‘Insta Famous’ crowd that will use their Snapchat filters, good lighting and posing.. post that to social media to feed their ego’s, get some likes and followers and VOILA, you are a decpetive social media clown, giving out the wrong impression to the next generation who undoubtedly are set for  world of Body Image issues and Eating Disorders.


Moral of the story, don’t believe everything you see.

Over and out!



Daily Foam Rolling

Daily Foam Rolling routine by Jason Vaughan.

Every day, pre training pain.








Sanity over Vanity..

This first picture is run up to last years Muscle Model Comp.
I was pleased with how I was looking HOWEVER, I was utterly miserable.

I was constantly pissed off.





60-90 minutes of Cardio Daily.

90 minutes Training, twice daily.

20g of Carb.


NEVER went out.

Worst of all, damaging relationships the people I love the most.
I thought there HAS to be a better way than this…
The next picture is me today after completing 9 weeks of ‘Reverse Dieting.’

I slowly Increased my Carbs, Calories and decreased my Cardio and Training time over this period.
No, I am not half as lean, however;

I go out with meals with my Family and the Girls.

I do 2 sessions of HIIT a week.

I eat just over 2,000kcals at the moment.

200g of Carbs a day.

Most importantly, I am HAPPY.
The gym DOES NOT need to completely take over your life.

We all have jobs, relationships to maintain, family, we cannot spend 4 hours a day in the gym training and making ourseles miserable just to hit an un sustainable goal.
Life is for living, the gym does NOT need to take over your entire life in order for you to get the body your desire.
You just need to train smart and get your nutrition right but most of all, find a healthy balance.

My aim now is to demonstrate how you can get to where you want to be without eating fish and broccoli out of a Tupperware every two hours!!!
I’m getting ready for a few different shoots and there’s no chance I’m not eating Cake or going out for Prosecco with the girls.
If you want ice cream, have it, Plan it into your day – overall calories count.
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Why Social Media is B*******!

Real Life vs. Social Media.



HIIT Training – Ultimate Fat Burner

HIIT Training – High Intensity Interval Training.


This style of Cardio is essentially, short bursts of intense exercise with minimal rest times.


  • HIIT Training has the ability to burn Body-Fat AND increase Muscle Mass.
  • When you perform HIIT, you increase some of the natural fat burning enzymes that help to speed up the fat burning reactions taking place both while exercising as well as at rest.
  • HIIT Training pumps your heart rate up to near maximum roughly 75%-85% of your max, which increases your body’ s need for oxygen. The body tries to overcompensate for the oxygen deficit during the rest period and even after the workout session ends. Studies have found that the effects of EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) can last for up to 36 hours after the session. This means you will be burning extra calories during rest for potentially a day-and-a-half following your HIIT session.
  • Furthermore, HIIT training can work wonders for a damaged metabolism from hours of LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio and months of dieting.




Due to the intensity of this style of Cardio, it does in fact have an effect on our CNS – Central Nervous System (causing muscle damage and metabolic stress) and should not be performed daily.


In this video, I’ve shown an example of the types of things you can include.

Treadmill or Hill Sprints – 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off = 5 sets.

Battle Ropes – 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off = 5 sets.

Prowler – Walking one way, running the opposite way = 5 sets.

Rowing – 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off = 5 sets.

Battle Ropes (opposite way) – 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off = 5 sets.


‘DIS-EASE’ Cannot Live in a Body that is ‘AT EASE’



After reflecting on my recent series of Video Log’s leading up to a show, you will have noticed the pattern occurring.
Norovirus, Tocillitis, Cold, Flu and Chest Infection.


Every time I sat there and thought; ‘I’m healthy? I eat Veg, I exercise, I do my cardio, I take Multi Vitamins, Vitamin C, I sleep.. sometimes.’
Granted, I am a Nurse and work in environments where picking up bugs are inevitable. However, I seem to get EVERY bug on the market.

Then I thought ‘Disease. Dis-ease, DIS, my body is not at EASE. Why?’


Stress is the bodies way of responding to a threat or danger known as ‘Fight or Flight’ or ‘Stress Response.’ This is your bodies way of protecting you and making you rise to challenges.
Back when we were cave men and women in threating situations, for example, catching food, you are faced with a MASSIVE piece of MEAT, (animal). Your body releases the hormones adrenaline and cortisol allowing you to fight or… RUN.

However, we are no longer cave men and women and we face far greater challenges than catching food. But here’s the thing, the body isn’t great at distinguishing between emotional stress and physical stress.
So, things such as work, competitions, relationships can cause a great deal of stress which can then result in chronic stress which in turn, can cause a catalogue of health complications.

Many of your bodies systems can be effect but for the suppose of this post, I am focusing on the immune system.

The immune system is the bodies defence and fights off the disease, infections and pathogens etc.

So, say we are chronically stressed, cortisol is present in the blood stream for longer periods of time than normal, supressing the inflammatory pathways e.g. The immune system.

The Cortisol is basically saying to the Immune System, ‘Stop fighting this.’ in turn, lowering the immune system, making our bodies more susceptible to picking up virus’s.

Obviously from time to time we are going to pick up the odd virus and bug, BUT these can also be PHYSICAL manifestations pf what is going on the inside. Stress can manifest itself in physical ways. Hence why DIS-EASE cannot live in a body that is AT EASE.
I feel like I’ve really learnt the importance in listening to my own body recently and if I need to rest I will rest.
None of this #NoDaysOff bullsh*t. I will go into this in another video, you must sleep in order to recover, repair and grow your muscles.

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Shoulders and Rears Exercise


Shoulders and Rears session.
Paying particular attention to the Rear Delts at the end of this video.

Sitting upright 10 Reps.
First 10 quite close to your ears, drop your hands slightly and move the arms outwards for the next 10 to target a slightly lower area of the Rears.
Drop the bench and repeat.
Drop the bench once more and repeat again.
Until your arms fall off.




Music Credit: Elektronomia – Sky High.