Muscle Model – Competition Prep No.6

Please refrain from watching the latest Video Log if you are a delicate little Snow Flake that is easily offended.
If you are just joining us, I am currently 5 weeks out from my next BodyBuilding Show and have decided to document the entire journey, to show you how very UN-Glamorous the process can be.

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Muscle Model – Competition Prep No.5

This one is a bit of a rollercoaster of a emotions as my show gets closer.
Calories up, down.
Carbs in, out, Cardio? Or not to Cardio?


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Muscle Model – Competition Prep No.4

Another Episode!
This contains a lot of moaning.. Sorry.

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Muscle Model – Competition Prep No.3

Weeks 13, 12 and 11 rolled into ONE.

If you have just joined us, this is my VLOG every fortnightly, documenting my preparation to my next BodyBuilding Show – Muscle Model Category.

The VLOGS include all things Training, Cardio and Food – ENJOY!

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Muscle Model – Competition Prep No.2


I’m 14 Weeks out from my next show and decided I would document the entire journey!

Aiming to check in via VLOG every 2 weeks with updates on things like Cardio, Training, Food, Posing etc.

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Muscle Model – Competition Prep No.1

I’m 16 Weeks out from my next show and decided I would document the entire journey!

Aiming to check in via VLOG every 2 weeks with updates on things like Cardio, Training, Food, Posing etc.

Keep and eye out for my day to day updates via my Instagram Stories: SarahLouiseFF and all my other platforms.

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Competition Prep Diaries – The Conclusion

This will sadly be the FINAL blog to my Competition Prep Dairies that has been all over your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the last 16+ weeks!

As promised, I said I would inform everyone of how the show went… and the post show food. So If you are not linked up to my other social medias, then I will give you the run down…

So, as you may remember, I posted my last blog during ‘Peak Week’, the day before the show, when I was drying out and ‘carbing up’ after depleting…

The last few days looked like so..

Surprisingly, I did not feel quite as bad as my previous prep or even some preps I have done for Photoshoots, presumably because I’ve had excellent guidance and support. I think this time, I felt ready. I was really happy with how I looked and how everything had started to ‘fine tune’ when I was depleting.

In my opinion, I think I depleted for the right amount of carbs for my body and for the exact right amount of time. I woke up every day and assessed how I looked and what I thought my body needed that day and could tolerate. I ended up depleting for 6 days in total and carbing up just for 1 and a half days roughly.

The Night Before

So the day before, my carbs got higher as I’ve mentioned. That evening, I slowly reduced my water in-take to dry out my muscles a little further.

Every hour or so I would asses how I looked and added more carbs or reduced them a little if needed.

The last week is a touchy subject for a few people; ‘Don’t do cardio, do cardio, don’t weight train, lie with your legs in the air, bla bla…’ I did cardio, because I know my own body, I know how it will react to that. I did what I thought was best. And let’s be honest, not a WHOLE lot is going to change in at that point..

By the time I got to my hotel, this was how I looked..


Plenty of room to still get a little tighter and reduce some further water.

So I lay on the bed for the rest of the evening… drinking WINE.

If you one of those unfortunate people who has ever drank with me, you will know just how terrible I am at it. Baring in mind I was dehydrated as it was and drinking is a very rare thing for me. My legs were like jelly within minutes and all I wanted to do was lie STILL on the bed… I felt like a 16 year old with their first WKD.

Anyway, it’s a hard life but I soldiered on. I then had to tan in and amongst all this going’s on, 4 layers of it..

I slept VERY well that night..

The Day of the Show…

On awakening, here is how I looked..


From the back anyway..

I was REALLY pleased with this.

So it was time to tan AGAIN, straighten my hair within an inch of it’s life, eat more carbs and get ready..



Backstage in the girls changing rooms is a sweaty mess..

A mixture of Tan, Hairspray, Drag Queen make-up, Boobs, Rice Cake, T*t tape and Selfie’s.

There were some really good girls backstage, everyone helped each other out and was friendly, which makes it so much more of a pleasant experience. There were athlete’s from all over. A lot of American girls and guys, Swedish, Maltase, French, Brazilian, Portuguese..

It was lovely to meet you all!

Bikini and Heels on and I was ready!


Now I know the tan looks absolutely obscene, but once on stage and under the bright lights, it’s a wash out.

So, Pre-Judging happened, we all went to the centre of the stage individually to do our T-Walks, the Judges ask for the athletes they wish to see closer to step forward. I got first call out’s which I was very pleased about.


The feeling of being on stage again was INCREDIBLE, yet nothing like my first experience. My first time I think you could physically SEE me shaking from the audience.

However, this time, standing at the side curtains waiting to walk on, no part of me even felt nervous. I think this time around I felt so happy and comfortable with what I had produced that in my head I though I don’t need to be nervous anymore, I did all I could with what I had and this is the result. I could have done no more.

I will get to the point now.. That evening, we all went back on stage for our awards. I came 3rd out of a great line up of other Muscle Models and received my Pro Status Card.

You can watch the Video here on my YouTube also …


The top FIVE..

I will be honest, it is incredibly hard not to compare yourself to the line up once you have received your placing, especially as I adhered to the specifications of the category well, I thought. I can’t lie, I was a little disappointed. But I’m not bitter, I thought I had looked the best I had EVER looked at this point and I was proud of myself. Comparison is the thief of joy, you will never ever look like anyone else and they will never look like you, so why bother? It’s all about being happy with how YOU look and feel and for the first time, I LOVED how I looked.

I received my Trophy and invite back to compete amongst the Pro Athlete’s in the Professional Division next year (potential new blog as I prep for that in January)!


And then I ate… A LOT.


But honestly, the best bit about getting off stage was drinking nearly a gallon of water, Fanta and Pepsi!!

Now here is the best bit, in my opinion. The next day as most athletes will tell you, they always feel they look their BEST. Eating LOADS of carbs and filling up their muscles… this was how I looked..

To me, this is how I would choose to look… ALL the time.

My muscles felt full, my stomach felt full and I had loads of energy. I woke up that day, went and did my cardio, then lay in the garden for the entire day, eating s***.


Now this really is the best part… After eating EVERYTHING and having all my water back on board, my body went CRAZY.

I stepped on stage at 9 st 10 on the Sunday, by the Tuesday morning, I weighed in at 11.2!!!!

No, I did not eat a child.

Within that day (Tuesday) I had my normal diet back on track and got loads of water in me to flush OUT the post show water and ended the day 8lbs lighter by the evening. Insane.

In terms of how I looked on the day. On revision of show pictures I received, I felt my upper body was good, it was tight and my shoulders are always my favourite part. My abs in all honestly, I felt could have been tighter and drier… And as for my legs, they were a massive improvement on the last show. I was pleased with them but I KNOW I can do better and I WILL.

So there it is folks!

It’s been an interesting journey this time around, one of which I have actually enjoyed, almost…

And I think what has made the difference is the people I have surrounded myself with, likeminded individuals. Everyone from the gym has been supportive, always asking how my prep is going, even when I’ve been moody and couldn’t get many words out.

If you are reading, from Total Fitness, thank you very much to those who have taken an interest and supported me.

To Muscle Worx gym and all of their Members, you have been awesome.. I’ve not been there long but their support has really meant a lot. A great bunch of people.


To my close ones… I really don’t know how you do it. HA!

They have been incredible. You take it out on the ones closet to you, they will tell you that themselves.. but they have not left my side. They all know who they are and, I love you.

Also, everyone who has been reading my blog over the last 16 weeks and has inboxed, emailed me or met me at Body Power, even the girls from Germany and Australia. Thank you SO MUCH. I genuinely thought nobody would really be reading this and felt like I was talking to a brick wall, but the feedback has been amazing, my website has gone from around 15,000 visitors to near 25,000 visitors since posting my blogs.

So thank you for taking the time to read and give me your support..

Finally, to all those whom may be interested, I have been approached by a Production Company based in Manchester who want to produce a short film/documentary on Body Building and the Fitness World. So I begin filming for this in the next couple of week and will have plenty of bits on my website and social media platforms (with cameras strapped to my head) to keep you updated.

I also have several scheduled Photoshoots over the next coming weeks and months for a project I’m working on which will be out in October/November…

Once again, thank you very much to all of those who have supported me, it has not gone unnoticed and has been and will continue to be always appreciated…